27 March 2013


Yesterday they made their very first coming out on the new QSOS Website

But why monkeys? Isn’t QSOS own logo all about a Tux?

Well, starting whith Linux, a lot of open source projects use animal as a totem:

  • Perl is a Camel
  • PHP is an Elephant
  • Squid is… a Squid
  • And so on…

This was democratized by O’Reilly’s coverbooks also.


So QSOS being about technological watch of many open source projects, it has no problem with being labelled as a menagerie.

And furthermore, monkeys here signify at least three more things:

  • As a wise triad, Iwazaru, Kikazaru & Mizaru mean: There is not evil in QSOS!

  • I feel more linked to monkeys, that must be the african part of my heritage

  • I even was bitten by one when I was younger, maybe Linus had the same Eureka! moment when being charged at by a penguin ;)


Credits: the original branch I made my QSOS monkeys jump of is openclipart (what else?…)